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AmCraft PCA Hoses
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Pre Conditioned Air (PCA) Flat Hose & Rigid Hose

AmCraft manufactures and sells insulated Pre Conditioned Air (PCA) Flat Hose and Rigid wire supported Pre-Conditioned air hose. Additionally PCA Products such as, tapered PCA adaptors and elbows are available. All PCA Flat Hose are available in both a PCA Flat Hose linear welded construction or a PCA Flat Hose spiral sewn with wear strip construction. In addition to having all standard products in stock, custom lengths and diameters of any of our PCA Flat Hose products are available. We manufacture a line of lightweight economy Pre Conditioned Air (PCA) Flat Hose) as well as tool-less installation hose hanger slings, canopies, cushions and canopy fascias.

All of our PCA Products are constructed of 18 oz. PVC Coated polyester
  • Temperature range: - 40 F to 180/200 F
  • A wide range of diameters and lengths are stocked.
  • Custom lengths and diameters can be made to order, and the option of zipper or Velcro only cuffs is standard.

Contact AmCraft to receive specifications for all our PCA components. 

Pre Conditioned Air (PCA) Flat Hose

Pre Conditioned Air (PCA) Flat Hose

(Tube construction) FD Series Flat Duct employs a linear welded seam construction. A durable, lay-flat insulated Hose or the non insulated model for a more economical option. It is a light weight Flat Hose engineered for ease of handling and rolling.
PCA Flat Spiral Hose

PCA Flat Spiral Hose (with wear guard)

FS Series lay flat PCA Spiral Hose is an insulated,  spirally constructed PCA Flat Hose with an integrated rubber wear guard for maximum abrasion resistance.
RX Insulated Rigid PCA Hose

RX Insulated Rigid PCA Hose

RX Series is wire supported and insulated. It's linear bonded construction eliminates the potential for torn seams. Excellent for use under Jet-Bridges.
Rigid Duct

Rigid Duct

RD Series is a wire supported, spirally constructed (with wear strip). Flexible duct which is available insulated or non-insulated.
Hose Hanger Sling

Hose Hanger Sling

Eliminates restrictions and Kinks when suspending Rigid PCA Hose under a jet bridge. No tools required for installation

Find out more about PCA Hose Sections. Click here for more information about PCA Hose Tapered Outlet Adaptors.
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