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Amcraft Industrial Curtain Wall
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Industrial and Insulated Curtains

Room Divider CurtainsAt AmCraft Manufacturing we specialize in the manufacture of industrial divider curtains, insulated divider curtains and warehouse divider curtains. Our curtains allow you to utilize all your available space more efficiently while increasing employee comfort, safety, and productivity. Easily control temperature, noise levels, visual distractions, and even airborne particles.

All of our industrial curtains can be outfitted with roller track systems and their related suspension hardware.

When you order divider curtains from AmCraft, they are fabricated to your specifications and dimensions. All curtains are specially designed to fulfill your requirements.

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Industrial Curtain Options

All of our industrial divider curtains and our line of panel construction warehouse divider curtains can be outfitted with any of the following options.
  • Chain weighted bottom Industrial Curtains
  • A bottom floor sweep / seal (perm. or removable)
  • Track mounted 2 sided valance
  • Mesh panels for airflow
  • Clear vision panels
  • Floor anchor tie downs
  • Wall mounted tie backs
  • Drive through strip doors
  • Tinted-Transparent windows
By utilizing our bottom, side, and top seal systems, you can control dispersion of dust and odor. Insulated curtains linked with these seals will maintain desired temperatures.

With the addition of removable mesh ventilation panels you, can control the airflow between sections. We also offer track to deck filler panel sections which are used to seal the opening above the track, underneath the deck. They are most commonly made in 5 ft wide sections that are velcroed together end to end. The bottom is affixed to the side of the track and the top is cut to conform to the pitch of the deck / roof creating a complete seal.


Industrial Curtain Construction

All of our industrial divider curtains, insulated divider curtains, and warehouse divider curtain systems are warranted for five years against material defects and workmanship. The track carries a lifetime warranty.

Additionally, all of our vinyl divider curtains are flame rated (CPAI-84 NFPA-701). The top seam hem is reinforced with polypropylene web strap. Brass grommets are used with 12" spacing on top and 5 foot spacing on the bottom. All curtains have welded seam construction. Two inch Velcro edges on the ends allow for attachment to any wall. Self-adhesive Velcro for the wall surface is included. AmCraft's industrial curtains are available in a variety of colors.

Industrial Divider Curtain Applications

Some of the applications AmCraft's divider curtains are commonly used for are:
  • Auto body work and wash bays
    In automotive or body shops, our standard divider curtains combined with curtain / wall joint seals and a floor sweep can be extremely effective barriers providing protection from exhaust fumes, paint over spray, and water. Additionally, we make economical wall covers to shield your existing walls from overspray and moisture. When mounted on roller tracks, the divider curtains can be tied back to walls or columns to completely open up the area.
  • Metal and woodworking
    In metalworking shops, our specialized curtain wall materials can be utilized to isolate welding sparks and flash. These curtain walls can be moved easily to maximize work area flexibility. In the wood working industry, an extremely effective dust containment barrier can be made with our standard industrial dividers outfitted with bottom sweeps, curtain / wall joint seals, and above track valances
  • Warehousing
    Many industrial and warehousing operations require frequent entry and exit of a facility. Our outdoor divider curtain systems keep the weather out and traffic moving. Clear divider curtains and strip doors are available to ensure safety in the space. When track mounted, the entire divider curtain assembly can be stowed to restore open and flexible use spaces.
  • Plastic molding and extruding
    At many Plastic molding and extruding facilities, different processes require maintaining different ambient temperatures. Our insulated curtain wall, when combined with floor sweeps and above-track valances, will maintain the desired temperature within the enclosed area.
  • Air-tight Sealed Rooms
    Our tracking systems are sealed on top to restrict air and particles but do not hinder the draw on the track. Side mounted Velcro secures edges to walls, equipment and other screens. See through reinforced clear windows for viewing are stitched and welded together into a solid curtain wall. Stabilize and seal the bottom with your choice of a chain - weighted hem or with stitched replaceable floor sweep- with or without Velcro.
  • Room Dividers
    Divide space and temperature zones with our industrial curtains. The curtains conform to specific room areas, reduce noise and distractions and protect workers from debris. The industrial curtains are retractable and removable, energy efficient for indoor and outdoor use and flame rated to the highest USA standard. Room dividers can be transparent or solid for privacy.
    Industrial divider curtains can be used in a variety of other applications, including:
  • Aircraft hangar partitions
  • Food processing / preparation
  • Overspray and particulate control
Our insulated divider curtains are an excellent means of temperature control. If you are considering purchasing insulated divider curtains we strongly recommend the addition of curtain wall end seals, curtain bottom floor sweeps, and a track mounted double valance. These options increase the overall R-value of any divider curtain system by sealing off around the edges.
    Specialty curtain wall applications include:
  • Welding areas and flash protection
  • Clean room curtain walls
  • Anti-static divider curtains
  • Hazmat vinyl curtain wall
Contact AmCraft Manufacturing today to learn more about how our industrial curtains and warehouse divider curtains can meet your unique requirements. Learn more about our commercial sewing, tennis court backdrops, and radio frequency welding, too.
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