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Commercial Sewing

Commercial Sewing has long been a specialty of AmCraft Manufacturing Inc. In addition to some of our standard products, such as Duffel Bags and Insulated Bags, we provide sewing for oversized and or irregularly shaped items, in thicknesses of up to 1/2" thick. Our sewing includes adding hardware and appliances such as:
● Grommet ● Snaps ● Velcro tabs ● Zippers ● Rope ● Ties ● Hooks ● Fasteners ● Rings

Many of these products include the use of our radio frequency welding or heat sealing services.

Materials we sew:

● PVC Coated Mesh ● Polypropylene ● Polyethylene ● PVC Heavy Weight Vinyl ● Canvas ● Knotted Netting ● Insulation Materials

- and others! Call for a Quote on your project.

Members of:

Assciated Fabrics Associated International

Specialty Fabrics Review Online

Commercial Sewing on Vinyl


Commercial Sewing on Canvas


Commercial Sewing on Poly Materials

Commercial Sewing Insulated Bags
Duffel Bags

Sewing for Tennis Divider Nets, Divider Net Sewing and Tear Offs, Tennis Backdrops

For more information on Tennis visit: www.amcrafttennis.com

Contract and Commercial Sewing on PVC for Pre Conditioned Air Hoses.

For more information on PCA Hoses visit: www.amcraftpcahoses.com

Commercial Sewing on heavy weight vinyl for Industrial Curtain Walls

For more information on Industrial Curtain Walls visit: www.amcraftindustrialcurtainwall.com

Commercial Sewing on Vinyl Signs and Banners

Almost any combination of flexible materials can be sewn together. Our design team has a wealth of experience relative to commercial sewing methods and procedures. We've also invested in state of the art machinery to provide fast, accurate sewing and improved production methods.

We are committed to improving the value of our people through regular training and communication. We make sure you get 'exactly' what you want!

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